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December 2013

  • LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED: Accessible Materials and Online Access
  • SPRING CLEANING IN THE DSS WORLD: A Collection of Short Topics from DAIS
  • IF YOU BUILD IT, WILL THEY COME? Exploring the Need, Methodology and Motivation for Inservice Training
  • WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY, AND HE IS US! A Self-Help Class for DSS Providers
  • CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (An independent study)
  • The Changing Legal Landscape in DSS: Implications for Practice:
  • TRANSCRIPT from Fall, 2013

    (NOTE: You may register for classes one at a time, but there is a discount for registering for multiple classes at the same time.)
    (Cataolog available in WORD format upon request from JaneJarrow@aol.com)

    February 7, 2012

    Please be patient, as the DAIS website is undergoing a significant upgrade. While you are waiting to access the resources usually found here, why not take time to stop and smell the roses?

    If you are in a hurry, and you must have that resource NOW, don’t hesitate to contact Jane Jarrow directly and ask for the information to be shared with you directly JaneJarrow@aol.com.

    Meantime, an exciting list of online professional development classes will be available from DAIS in the months to come. You can read more about them here!

    Ready to Register?


    I hope so. I hope you found something in the description of the Spring offerings from DAIS to interest you. Now it is time to make a decision as to which of those courses you really need. Key points to remember:

    1) As noted, all classes are offered online, through a private listserv.  You participate on your own time and at your own pace.  And if you get busy and don’t get around to doing the readings on a given day, you can get back to them on your own time, as well!

    2) You may find some of the timing better than others.  Just keep in mind that it is unlikely that these classes will be repeated before NEXT Spring, at the earliest, so if you think the information is important for your understanding of the job you are doing today, you should sign up today!  Although the classes may end on the dates shown, I am always available to answer questions after the formal class ends.  You can catch up on the reading later.  But you need to RECEIVE the info now!

    One class - $100
    Two classes - $175
    Three classes - $225

    f you are interested in any one of these classes, I hope you will seriously consider signing up for all three. 30 days worth of classes for $225?  Divided by however many folks from your institution you can get to sign up with you?  Consider the cost-per-hour of inservice training you would be paying.  SUCH A DEAL!!!